This page is to report any errors with the new amaroK livecd.


Boot / Startup

  • Background of progress bar in the bootsplash is a different color than the graphic
  • Isolinux prompt has a white background, no image visible. Lfranchi 23:12, 17 Sep 2005 (EDT)
  • This works fine for me, what res do you run at? --Hydrogen
  • This might be my video card being weird (geforce 4mx 440). It also wrongly detects the resolution and I can't do anything greater than 800x600 when I usually use 1280x1024. Lfranchi 23:27, 17 Sep 2005 (EDT)
  • Do we need to start so many services at boot?
I eliminated as many as I could without causing problems
  • KMix isn't started by default, and hence bad when some sound cards mute by default
If I start kmix by default, it tries to load the settings of the build system's sound card. I played with this for 1.2.x and the result was leaving it open (started by default) caused more problems than it solved.
  • Boot messages are hard to read with that background image... but I doubt many people want to read them. --Sven423 07:14, 22 Sep 2005 (EDT)
  • Is a dhcp daemon started at boot time? I was not able to connect wo my network, not even with the help of ifconfig/route... --Sven423 07:14, 22 Sep 2005 (EDT)
Yes. If you have trouble configuring the network, user can run drakconnect to configure


  • Not all the music is in the playlist to begin with (in the Others folder)
  • running lib vis stole audio output from xine. maybe freak accident
This is a known issue with amaroK in general on soundcards that don't support hardware. mixing. It is a problem with amaroK and not the LiveCD. I upgraded to xine 1.1, as it has been reported that this version fixes the problem.
fixed in amaroK SVN
  • filebrowser is first thing shown - why?
  • Why is global shortcut Alt-Key not Meta-Key?
dunno, it's a mandriva thing I think
  • introduction should be automatically played on start
We argued over this and decided last time to keep autoplay off, for several reasons. Some that I can recall off the top of my head include that volume may not be adjusted properly, someone starting the cd for the second or third time won't necessarily want it on, etc. We can talk about it again.
  • maybe we should add some podcasts, playlists and dynamic configs in the playlist browser
I planned to, do you have suggestions for podcasts?
  • osd should be translucent
  • include more context themes, and set a different one by default
I think default is okay. Leaving as is.
  • crossfading should be on if dmix is enabled
No. Quite frankly, as an ex-deejay, I think crossfading in amaroK sucks (maybe that is a bit harsh). It should be cross-play not cross-fade, since most tracks have a natural fade-out or fade-in already and if they don't, they were meant to start at full volume (eg. "No Reply at All" by Genesis starts with a horn blast that should come in over the previous song at full volume through the fade-out of the prior song, not at half volume). True crossfade is only used when changing tracks at some point prior to the engineered fade-out. To humor you, I tested it won't work anyway because if it is enabled, the intro fades out so that you can't here the end of what Bill is saying. I also fear that on slower machines, crossfade will not perform well because of all the cd reading required, although it seems to be okay here.
  • retrieve similar artists from should be enabled
  • super cool would be a dialog box telling the user they can add their music to the collection by looking in /mnt/win_c etc
If amaroK could add songs from read-only ntfs partition, no problem.
Okay, this makes no sense to me, but local mounted ro drives play fine, I just tested... its remote mounted ro drives that do not work... Hydrogen 09:07, 18 Sep 2005 (EDT)


  • konqi addressbar is huge (clear button & text)
  • dont show hidden files by default in konqi
  • konvi colour scheme is black - doesnt fit in with everything else, looks crap
  • konvi channel is split text/user list 50/50 - make it 80/20.
  • gotta fix the /media konvi script to work with the note character. its a problem with utf, but we know it works.
  • why connect to pclinuxos irc?
to give a little cross promotion to pclinuxos
hate it, actually, it's really close already.
  • konqi bookmarks are poorly named & organised
  • the wallpapers for the desktops should be switched (otherwise the user only sees the same image ever)
disagree, violates branding principles
  • Desktop cover script shouldn't sit ontop of icons or wallpaper text, move it to the right hand corner
  • use newer pclos and amarok logos in the about pages for konq
  • what about a tool for network configuration?
drakconnect is available
  • Alsa 1.0.8 is old, could it be upgraded to 1.0.9? --Sven423 07:17, 22 Sep 2005 (EDT)
I think it is



  • Add faces icon for kdm greeter
  • Agree on and set song order
  • Contact Magnatune and provide answers to interview questions and get the narrative for the "About Magnatune" page
  • Make sure konvi logs into #amarok properly
  • Boot testing on as many platforms as possible
  • test remaster scripts
  • Makr sure the state of amaroK and the deskptop is what we want

Public Relations

  • finalize press release
  • coordinate with Magnatune
    • Get decent faq going
    • Howto remaster finalized
    • Balance of content
    • make icons for pclos and radio paradise less distracting
    • format playlist
    • Add additional content

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