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    • Talk about Amarok in general similar as in the last two years (maybe featuring Amarok 2?). -> Nightrose, Sven
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Project Description

English, long

Amarok is one of the most popular audio players for GNU/Linux and ports for Windows and Mac OSX are being prepared. Its functionality enable the user to rediscover his music and his own taste of music. Amarok offers personal charts, music recommendations by, lyrics and also background infos about artists, albums and songs from Wikipedia. A powerful collection management helps the user to select music to play, podcast and internet radio management, including the shoutcast directory, brings an overview to the Web 2.0 chaos. Smart and dynamic playlists bring automated music enjoyment. Also essential for a modern player is the integration of mobile devices, music stores and other legal sources of music on the internet.

Amarok can be enhanced using a mighty D-Bus- or DCOP-interface, based on which a large community already has built a lot of scripts with additional functionality.

New in Amarok 2.0 is the integration of several online services. Tracks from Jamendo, a portal to support Creative Commins licensed music, can be listened or downloaded directly from within Amarok. Access to Ampache installations has been integrated as well as to be able to use your online music collection.

Shoot the wolf!

Remember last year? We asked you to send us your best cocktail recipes to win free entrance to LinuxTag in Berlin. It seems all our developers survived trying your creations and we are pretty sure some of you tested them, too. So, a year has passed, the next LinuxTag is going to start in less than two weeks and we again have some eTickets to give away! 15 tickets to be precise and maybe, if you work hard, we might get some more.

This time send us your best "Amarok Everywhere" photos. Talk to the Klingon High Council about their boring logo, use your "laser" to project a howling wolf onto the moon or... do whatever crazy idea comes to your mind. But beware: starting a war with the Klingon Empire leads to instant disqualification. You can send the pictures to our promo mailing list (amarok-promo 'ätt' or give us a link to them in the comments (make sure you add a valid email address). Deadline is Wednesday, 21st May, 0:00 UTC.

As last year we will have a booth and talk there, so it's the perfect opportunity to have a look at our latest developments.

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