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Amarok 2.0 Jingle Contest

The Amarok team (creators of the best audio player for Linux/UNIX-type OSes, and soon Windows and Mac OS X natively) have begun a search for the best 30 second jingle, to play at first start.

In partnership with Magnatune, who offer Creative Commons licensed music, and the ccMixter project, the Amarok team are requesting submissions for judgement. The contest closes on the 1st of October, 2007.

The winner will receive: Distribution of the winning jingle with copies of Amarok 2.0 (which will potentially be played by thousands, if not millions of users), an assortment of Amarok merchandise and a $100 US cash prize. Runners-up will receive an assortment of Amarok merchandise.

The Amarok team will judge all submissions, and the rankings will be published on the Amarok website.

Additional information is available from ccMixter.

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Amarok jingle-contest

from the jinglelingeling dept.

The Amarok team needs your help.

They are looking for a new, shiny and fresh jingle to play at first start of Amarok 2.0 and are holding a contest to find one. <a href="">Magnatune</a> and <a href="">ccMixter</a> generously offered their help to get this going. The Amarok project will award the winner with fame, glory and a load of cool prizes, including 100$ cash and cool Amarok swag. The 2 runners up take away some swag as well.

So take some songs from the Magnatune-pool, get mixing and submit it on <a href=""></a>

(Judgment will be done by a totally biased bunch of Amarok people ;-))

A few boring words on licensing...

As this jingle will be distributed along with Amarok, by non-commercial as well as commercial distributions, the jingle needs to be released under the <a href="">Creative Commons by-sa license</a>. Magnatune has allowed Amarok jingles using their samples to be released under this license. This means that if you use samples from any other source, they to will have to waive the non-commercial term for this jingle or Amarok cannot use it.