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This list will become a definitive visual showcase of the completed default Amarok icon set.

Playback controls

Current Playback Control Icons
Amarok back (1).png actions/amarok_back - Go to the previous track
Amarok rewind.png actions/amarok_rewind - Rewind the current track
Amarok pause.png actions/amarok_pause - Pause playback
Amarok play.png actions/amarok_play - Start playback
Amarok stop.png actions/amarok_stop - Stop playback
Amarok fastforward.png actions/amarok_fastforward - Fast forward the current track
Amarok next.png actions/amarok_next - Go to the next track

Toolbar and menu icons

Current Toolbar & Menu Icons
Amarok playlist clear.png actions/amarok_playlist_clear - Clear the currently shown playlist (also clears Dynamic playlists to be un-dynamic, so essentially creates a new, empty playlist)
Amarok refresh.png actions/amarok_playlist_refresh - Repopulates the current dynamic playlist with new tracks (clears the currently queued items and inserts new items as per the instructions in the dynamic playlist's settings)
Amarok redo.png actions/amarok_redo - Redo the last undone action on the currently shown playlist
Amarok undo.png actions/amarok_undo - Undo the last action on the currently shown playlist
actions/amarok_mini_dock - Toggle for making the window small/large -(needs rework)
Amarok refresh.png actions/amarok_refresh - Refresh page, mix tracks

Playback modes

Current Playback Modes
Amarok random no.png actions/amarok_random_no - Randomization is turned off (normal playback, sequentially progress through the playlist)
Amarok dynamic.png actions/amarok_dynamic - Dynamic playlists and playback mode (adds and removes tracks from your playlist automatically, excludes all randomization and repeat modes)
Amarok random track.png actions/amarok_random_track - Randomized single track playback (your normal random mode)
Amarok random album.png actions/amarok_random_album - Randomized album playback (randomizes between albums - all tracks on an album are played in order, then another album is randomly selected)
Amarok repeat no.png actions/amarok_repeat_no - Repeat is turned off (normaly playback, will end when the last track in the playlist ends)
Amarok repeat playlist.png actions/amarok_repeat_playlist - Repeats the current playlist
Amarok repeat track.png actions/amarok_repeat_track - Repeats the current track (changing track is done explicitely)
Amarok repeat album.png actions/amarok_repeat_album - Repeats the current album (will play back tracks from the current album)

Context browser icons:

Current Context Browser Icons
Amarok music.png actions/amarok_music - The main tab, shows information on the currently playing media, or if nothing is playing shows generic information about your collection (selected statistics)
Amarok lyrics.png actions/amarok_lyrics - Shows lyrics for the currently playing track (only available when info is shown for a track in the music tab)
Amarok add lyrics.png actions/amarok_add_lyrics - Add new lyrics
Amarok edit.png actions/amarok_edit - Edit lyrics, id3 tags, etc.
Amarok search.png actions/amarok_search - Search for lyrics via search engine
Amarok external.png actions/amarok_external - Open the page in the external browser (wiki and lyrics tab)
actions/amarok_change_language - Change the language of the page (wiki tab)(needs rework)
Amarok artist.png actions/amarok_artist - "Artist" icon in the collection, wiki, "burn all tracks of this artist to cd", etc
Amarok album.png actions/amarok_album - "Album" icon in the collection, wiki, "burn this album to cd", etc
Amarok track.png actions/amarok_track - "Track" icon in the wiki tab, "burn this track to cd", etc
Amarok save.png actions/amarok_save - Save playlist or anything else
Amarok configure.png actions/amarok_configure - Configure icon
Amarok files2.png actions/amarok_files2 - Root folder for playlist folders in "playlists" tab

Player sections

Current Player Sections
Amarok collection.png actions/amarok_collection - The collection browser (also used as a generic icon for the collection in the Settings dialog)
Amarok playlist icon.png actions/amarok_playlist - The playlists browser (also used as a generic icon for file-based playlists in the browser itself)
Amarok files.png actions/amarok_files - The files browser
Amarok device.png actions/amarok_device - The Media Device browser (also used in the Settings dialog)

Playlist types

Current Playlist Types
Amarok podcast.png actions/amarok_podcast - Podcast playlists and entries items
Amarok podcast2.png actions/amarok_podcast2 - Flashes between amarok_podcast and this on podcast playlist with new entries, and is used for the new entries themselves


Current Tools Icons
Amarok covermanager.png actions/amarok_covermanager - The album cover manager
Amarok equalizer.png actions/amarok_equalizer - Audio equaliser
Amarok info.png actions/amarok_info - Generic information icon (View/edit meta information for one or more track(s), also used for statistics)
Amarok queue.png actions/amarok_queue - Queue manger, allows you to edit the playback queue
Amarok rescan.png actions/amarok_rescan - Force a rescan the collection folder(s) for changes
Amarok scripts.png actions/amarok_scripts - The script manager, allows you to control scripts, start, stop, configure, install and uninstall
Amarok equalizer.png actions/amarok_visualizations - Available visualisations


Current Statistics Icons
Amarok mostplayed.png actions/amarok_mostplayed - Your most played tracks
Amarok favorite genres.png actions/amarok_favourite_genres - Your favourite genres, by score and rating
Amarok clock.png actions/amarok_clock - The newest items in your collection

Settings dialogs

Current Settings Dialog Icons
Amarok audioscrobbler.png actions/amarok_audioscrobbler - The Audioscrobbler/ icon
Amarok settings general.png actions/amarok_settings_general
Amarok settings view.png actions/amarok_settings_view
Amarok settings playback.png actions/amarok_settings_playback
Amarok settings indicator.png actions/amarok_settings_indicator
Amarok settings engine.png actions/amarok_settings_engine

Track menu

Current Playlist Types
Amarok remove from playlist.png actions/amarok_remove_from_playlist - Remove track from the playlist
Amarok editcopy.png actions/amarok_editcopy - Copy data to the clipboard
Amarok burn.png actions/amarok_burn - Burn to the disk
Amarok remove.png actions/amarok_remove - Remove the track (To the trash), remove script, remove cover

Album and artist menu

Current Album & Artist Menu Icons
Amarok download.png actions/amarok_download - Download cover, script
Amarok zoom.png actions/amarok_zoom - Full size (for cover)
Amarok add playlist.png actions/amarok_add_playlist - Add track (artist, album) to the playlist

Missing Icons

Missing Icons!
music library
Collection Browser: Group by labels icon

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