Amarok is a really big project, and a really wonderful piece of software. But Software doesn't get used because it's good code, or because it got the best features. Even the best application of the world wouldn't get used without people knowing that it is the best application of the world.

And therefore it is one of the most important jobs to let people know that Amarok is a wonderful piece of software, and the reason why it is.

This is where Rokymotion pops in. Rokymotion is the underground working group of Amarok, focusing on everything beside coding.

This implies:

  • Press releases
  • Release mangement (partly)
  • Documentation
  • Artwork for Amarok
    • Release pictures
    • Icons
    • Any other artwork needed
  • Bug management and testing
  • Public Relations
  • Represent Amarok at fairs
  • In general we can say Marketing

If you want to support Amarok with any of the above listed jobs, you might want to Join Rokymotion.

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