August 25th to 26th 2007

Fachhochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, DE


Nick Name Team From Arrival Departure Travel-by/with Accommo Laptop? Email IRC/Jabber
apachelogger Harald Sitter Project Management Bad Wimsbach, AT 2007-08-24 2007-08-27 Plane + Train (or maybe car?) Accommo Maybe sitter DOET harald AET gmail DOETcom = Email
markey Mark Kretschmann Development Dortmund 2007-08-24 2007-08-27 Train Accomo [email protected]
sven423 Sven Krohlas Rokymotion Karlsruhe 2007-08-24 2007-08-27 car with Dennis Accomo
Nightrose Lydia Pintscher Rokymotion Karlsruhe 2007-08-24 2007-08-27 car with Dennis Danimo 1 but not sutible for showing Amarok lydia DOET pintscher AET gmail DOETcom lydia DOET pintscher AET gmail DOETcom
gnux Dennis Müller Rokymotion Karlsruhe 2007-08-24 2007-08-27 my car... Accommo 1 _dennismueller_ aet
nhnFreespirit Nikolaj Hald Nielse Development Plane Accomo

Please send your cellular numbers to apachelogger, he'll prepare an internal document with all important information.



  • Shirts
  • Parts of apachelogger's brain

Still availible from Linuxtag (Lydia has it):

Black White Retro
M 4 - -
L 1 6 1
XL 21 6 1


  • refine Amarok 2.0 marketing campaign

* settle Amarok 2.0 release party

    • dual party proposed:
      • NY for US
      • Cologne for Europe
    • sponsors?
  • project structure
    • subteaming
    • organisation
    • interaction
      • workflow optimization (from coding to world domination)
    • elect apachelogger as Amarok Project Manager to finally sum-up all his activities with one proper term
    • what do we want to do about the new wave of users that will very likely come with Amarok2? Communitymanager? -> Lydia?
  • how can we increase collaboration with KDE and GNOME? (i.e. the freedesktop)
  • define Amarok (what is it, what does it, who is it, why is it, etc.)
    • define a subset of generic terms, i.e. how to define Amarok with a few words (in the public) -> music player vs. media player vs. media manager ...
  • create a paper describing beta testing for 2.0 (as precise as possible)


  • Korner with KDE
  • setup: 24.8.2007 13:00-23:00 and 25.8.2007 8:00-..

Things to see

  • Amarok 2.0 SVN
  • Parts of the totally insane Amarok team

Things to hear

  • Free/Libre/Open music: Freemusic-pool, Freemusic-Charts, Jamendo (Dennis)
  • Live wholing performed by the Krew! (i.e. KDE/Kubuntu/Amarok)

Things to eat

  • Sweets? :)
  • Cake?
  • Something trendy/cool/hot/hyped?

Things to use

  • Donations-box
  • Confessions?
    • What did happen to the ones from LinuxTag, actually?
      • Sven took them home with him. Photos are on ako.


  • One presenation set from Sven: Laptop (with branch and trunk), TFT, Keyboard, Mouse
  • One presenation set from Dennis: Laptop (with branch and trunk(not installed yet but hopefully set up for FrOSCon)), TFT, Mouse
  • some TP cables: Sven
  • 5 port switch: Dennis


Amarok ist das führende Programm zur Musikwiedergabe unter Linux. Es bringt eine ausgefeilte Sammlungsverwaltung,, Liedtext- und Wikipediaunterstüzung, einen Online-Musikdienst (Magnatune) und viele weitere Funktionen, die man einfach gesehen haben muss, mit sich. Die Delegation des Amarok Teams zeigt sowohl die stabile Version 1.4.7, als auch die aktuelle Entwicklerversion (Amarok 2). Für Besucher mit USB-Stick gibt es am Amarok-Stand auch eine kleine Überraschung abzuholen. Das Amarok Team freut sich auf deinen Besuch.

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