Dedication. Determination. Diligence. These are but a few of the uncharacteristic qualities which your raconteur had to dredge up from deep down within himself in order to get Amarok to compile on Mac OS X Leopord. "Amarok?" You say? Yes boys and girls, amarok. That venerable and much vaunted piece of software which has inexplicably transcended the bounds of mere software and somehow attuned itself to a higher plane. That amarok. As i have alluded to, this was no simple journey and your not-so-humble narrator was required to navigate a venerable shitstorm of os incompatibilities, assembly language missteps and conditional build statement insertions in order to arrive at his intended destination: Amarok 2.0: Tech Preview. The journey, as they say in WoW, was epic; and loot? OMG. It's the best I've ever had. Read on as I recount for you this epic tale of one man's quest as he searches for the reincarnated essence of the most perfect audio playback application he has ever known.

The narrator has been trying to get amarok on this macbook pro since it was purchased by him nigh three years ago. 3 years. 3 years of trying to install amarok with varying levels of success. Doesn't sound all that interesting I know, but just pretend. Pretend if you will, that you are addicted to amarok and must have it Ball the time. Imagine if you will, amarok being like sex. Indulge me if you dare, and adopt the mindset that this isn't just sex, but is instead, the good shit, the "best you've ever had" stuff. Do you see where I'm going with this? I'll continue. Now realize that you have been able to, and have had, the "best sex ever" anytime, and anywhere, everyday for years; never getting tired of it. In fact, over the years, it's only gotten better. BUT you were having sex with this really homely chick. Her name is linux. I think you see where I'm going here. Now, you see an ad on tv for this drop dead gorgeous russian mail order bride and you "marry" her. She's hot, sexy and you can't believe she's all yours and nobody else's. The sex on the honey moon was so-so, but hey she's hot, she's yours, you'll deal with it. Therein lies the problem however, because you can't deal with it. The honey-moon period ends and you begin to realize that no matter how good she looks you'll never be satisfied because "doing it" just isn't the same. You realize that you are addicted, not just to sex, but to "the good sex" and there's only one thing to do. Clearly you must teach your new mail order drop dead gorgeous russian bride how. And there begins our adventure.

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