A brief description of the layout of parts of the source code (note, this is not necessarily completely up-to-date):

  • amarok/ — root of the repository tree
    • src/ — root of the program source (most of the code lies under here)
      • core/ — abstract classes and templates for the core functionality
      • core-impl/ — implementations (concrete classes implementing those in core/ above)
        • collections/ — implementations of the different kind of collections
          • audiocd/ — Audio CD collection
          • ipodcollection/ — iPod collection
          • mediadevicecollection/ — abstract generic collection
          • mtpcollection/ — MTP device collection
          • sqlcollection/ — backend for the local collection
          • umscollection/ — UMS device collections (e.g., external HDDs)
    • utilities/
      • collectionscanner/ — dedicated process for scanning (and scraping) the local collection

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