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As an user of the cell phone SonyEricsson K750i, I really like listening to music while I can't use Amarok. To save a few megabytes on my memory stick, I created a shell script which converts the current song automatically to MPEG4-AAC.


You need the MP3-encoder lame to convert your MP3s to wave files, the [faac encoder with MPEG4 support and, of course, Amarok.

Was true. Now you need only ffmpeg [1].

The script

Save this file as and chmod +x it.

file=`dcop amarok player path`

if [ -f "$file" ]; then cp "$file" /tmp


if [ -f $INPUT ]; then
        chmod +w $INPUT
        ffmpeg -i "/tmp/$filename" $OUTPUT
        mv $OUTPUT $dirname/
        exit 0


  • due to a bug in faac, quality under 100 is not possible (faac crashes sometimes then); this valid for previous version -- the current one doesn't use faac, but ffmpeg and it does not set any parameters.
  • meta tags aren't included in the converted file; again -- valid for previous version, now they are included, because conversion is direct.


Just type in "./". Then your currently playing file will be converted and put into the same directory as the original file, but with the extension .m4a.

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