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Ideas for the New contextbrowser

Put ideas for info you want to see in the new top pane of the contextbrowser.

Bugfix Requests

Hiding/Disabling The Contex Browser

  • The ability to turn OFF the tab! Us people with little memory would appreciate it!
same as below, that's probably possible already by dragging the divider
  • Make the music/lyrics/artist section hideable
It already is hideable. Just grab the divider to the top of the screen. A show/hide button would be nice though.
Unfortunately, on my system the divider won't move all the way to the top. Can that be fixed? Because I listen to obscure stuff there's never any useful info in the context anyway, so it's just dead space (I don't really need to be told what my favourite tracks are - I already know that).

Custom Context Browser Sections

Original Idea

Make it so that one with limited programming/scripting knowledge can easily add his own (for lack of a better word) "boxes" using available information (track, artist, ...), so that it becomes easy to create your own content for the contextbrowser. After all, it's just HTML. Allowing bash in the modularization it would be easy to show little pictures depending on the genre and stuff.

-- Some ideas I wrote down are available at this discussion thread - forum, the gist of which is to keep 4 tabs on the left pane and 2 tabs on the right pane containing ContextBrowser and Playlist both of which are customizable to some extent. User:Cyrus007

Possible Sections

  • A tag cloud
  • Some tidbit about the band with a link to the wikipedia article.
  • A selelection of random albums. there is not much use to see your newest albums if you didn't recently add anything new. And it's a good starting point to play music (and discover forgotten albums!).
  • Show songs/artist/albums with similar names (fuzzy search)
  • Songs with the same name! (could look like: the Beatles, Depeche Mode, Britney Spears and Iron Maiden also played this song). And every artist name is a link to either the artist, or the track. User:Enr1x
actually, it was like that (link to the artist) before, but was changed because it was considered confusing (artist/album names were not distinct enough and clicking on them performed different actions) User:richlv
  • Videoclip from YouTube
  • Guitar tabs
  • Browse the entire collection in the context browser itself. Basically, it would involve turning the statistics that the context browser shows into clickable gateways. For example, say the context browser 'Home' view shows that you have 31 artists, 45 songs, 35 albums (say). Clicking on '31 artists' will show the artists names. Select one and you see their albums and compilations. Similarly, clicking on '35 albums' will show the album art and an expandable view of the songs contained therein. Songs can do something similar... It would be nice to have a search window and a 'Return to Home' button to make this fully usable. Thinking further, I guess I'm really suggesting that we merge the context browser and the 'Collection' tabs into one uber-cool interface.
  • A box with the "most played songs" by the specific artist (probably only as an option to be switched on).

Lyrics Tab

  • Edit box in tab itself
  • Fetch check other sites for lyrics also automagically
  • Design it so it can fetch lyrics from a list of sites as big as
  • Option to put the lyrics tab back on the sidebar. I don't know about you, but the lyrics on most of my songs are 50-60 characters long, which fits perfectly in the sidebar, but only uses 20-25% of the width of the "top" sidebar. Other options: give the user the ability to move tabs between the side and the top browsers (because the file browser could benefit from more width in a big directory), or add some "wrapping" to the lyrics browser to break the lyrics in several columns, so there's no need to use the scrollbar to see a whole song. User:Capn ed 08:44, 22 June 2006 (EDT)
  • Allow marked text to be copied into clipboard
  • Add a "print" button

Wiki Tabs

  • Artist/Album pages side by side (song pages usually do not exist)
  • Artist/Album pages, or links to them. They tend to be more appropriate than wikipedia's pages.
  • Save!the artist/album/track page.
  • Ability to save a set of bookmarks with an album.


  • Add Composer tab for Wikipedia search.
  • First try to fetch *{band}_(band). If it cannot be reached, then try *{band}. The exact _(band) string would of course depend on the wikipedia language. User:Kundziad 21:42, 7 November 2006 (UTC)

Other Requests

  • google personalized homepage-esque widgets (amaroK the metatool!)
  • Move trash/undo/redo to the right side of the filter box
  • Multiple columns of information in the newer wider betterer music/lyrics/artist, but having sections of different heights looks a little weird visually. What can be done to 'justify' things vertically?
  • Make the filter toolbar editable in the Configure Toolbars dialog
  • Rate (current) songs in the contexbrowser (perhaps, overall rating for a album?)
  • Button "Upload this song to MP3-player"
  • Magnatune like playlist using jamendo daily xml dump (
  • Youtube tab so you can load the videoclip of current song
  • A tag integration when adding labels (for example as suggestions)

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