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Join the Force

The Amarok Live team is searching willing artists for the artwork of version 1.4 of their famous Amarok Live CD. If you have advanced raster or vector drawing skills read further information in the Amarok Wiki.


The Amarok Live team is searching willing artists for the artwork of version 1.4 of their famous Amarok Live CD.

Amarok Live is a live cd system based upon PCLinuxOS, shipping latest major version of Amarok bundled with free music and optimized for ultimate rediscovering of music. It is meant for everyone who's not able to install a system which is supported by Amarok and therefore this live cd is a essential medium for convincing people to use Amarok and one of the supported operating systems, such as Linux. Latest version 1.4 is still missing artwork though, which is the only reason for release delay. So if you want to support the Amarok Live team and speed up release of Amarok Live 1.4, have a look at the Amarok Wiki. There you can find a list of images missing and what to take care of when doing artwork for Amarok Live. Submissions are allowed until September 1st, 12pm.

If you have skills in raster or vector drawing, read further information in the Amarok Wiki.

KDE News

Today the Amarok project announced an artwork contest for their upcoming live CD, Amarok Live, in fancy new version 1.4.

The contest includes among other things bootsplash screens, wallpapers and Amarok splash screens. Also the Amarok Live team would like to have a complete set with similar style for all the items listed in the Amarok Wiki. This artwork contest will be opened for submission until midnight UTC ending September 1st. For further information on where to post content etc. please have a look at the Amarok Wiki.

Amarok Live 1.4 will feature the latest Amarok release from the 1.4 'Fast Forward' series and about 20 songs from Magnatune and artists, which are distributing their music in a free way.


  TO: [email protected], [email protected]
  Subject: Amarok Live Artwork Contest
  Hello Artists out there!
  The Amarok Live team, provider of the famous Amarok Live CD, is doing an artwork
  contest to get some new fancy graphics for the upcoming version 1.4. The contest
  will run untill 2006-09-01 and includes boot screen, bootsplash, KDE splash, 
  wallpaper and KDE logout picture.
  If you're interested have a look at the Amarok Wiki [1], there you can find 
  every information you need for getting started.
  BTW: Would be nice if you could spread the message :-)
  Kind regards
  The Amarok team
  IRC: #amarok
  MAIL: [email protected]/wiki
  IRC: #amarok

Where To Post

TO find


  • write a note which will be placed on ako (front page)
  • write a page in/for the ako wiki, telling people what is needed, where to ask/send etc.
  • write a mail for all the lists we know (amarok, amarok-promo, kde-artists)
  • get in contact with KDE-Look - using the contest section and ask for announce at the news section

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