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created by headhunter

I've read some of the discussions about what to do with the context browser and the hometab, and I got the answers to all of your questions, if you got the money to pay me in gold.. ehh, well:

You need an HTML template directory, which might look something like this:

templates/ --- currentlyplaying.html --- totalsongs.html --- similarartists.html --- otheralbumsbythisartist.html ...

When composing the sidebar amaroK could use some pseudo characters embedded into the sidebar.html:


What will this do? My idea would allow you to totally dynamically compose the different views. Every user can create his or her own sidebar, in the options menu one could choose what to show and what not.

The disadvantage is that amaroK will need some more preprocessing for the html files to display, though I think this beats contextbrowser.cpp by far ;)

I hope I made myself clear, so let this idea be open for discussion.

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