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Resetting Collection

The first time you launched Amarok, it ran a wizard to configure stuff for you.

But, at some later time, you MAY want to trigger Amarok, to re-do that configuration step. Note that this technique is not officially supported, but it should work for you.

With Amarok NOT RUNNING, simply locate and RENAME the file named 'amarokrc' in your user sub-directory. Normally, this would be: /home/YOUR-USER-NAME/.kde/share/config/amarokrc' [Rename it to something like: 'amarokrc-oldcopy' A new copy of 'amarokrc' will get created in the next step.]

Then, re-launch Amarok, and the 'first-time wizard' should now appear. You can then configure those things again, making whatever changes you WISH you had specified that first time. :^)

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