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Differencies in "Fast Forward"

I can't find "Home" tab in Context browser

A: To avoid interface-clutter "Home" tab has been transformed into "Statistics" tool, available under "Tools > Statistics"

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Configuring amaroK

How to disable browser in amaroK?

A: Click with the RMB on any browser title to show up a list of visible browsers, which you can modify.

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Is there a way to set up amount of information that "Context" browser shows?

A: Yes, use right-click menu anywhere on "Context" browser to modify it.

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Additional functionality

How to rate a song? Clicking on stars in "Context" browser does not work!

A: To rate a track you need a "Rating" column in playlist. Click with the RMB on playlist title, and choose "Add Column > Rating". Click anywhere inside "Rating" column to set up rating for a track. You can also use shortcuts [Win]+[1-5] to quickly rate a song, with amaroK running in the background.

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