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What is Podcasting

Podcasting is the latest buzz of the internet! It is equivalent to internet radio shows - there are more podcasts than radio stations now!

What is Podcasting

You will find podcasts stored in the playlistbrowser.

Using Podcasts

Adding a Feed

There are a number of ways to add a podcast feed:

  • Navigate to the playlist browser, and click on the "Add" button in the topmost toolbar. Select "Podcast..." from the drop down selector. An input box will appear, where you should enter or copy the podcast feed. For example:
  • Also from the playlist browser, you can right click on a folder within the podcast category, and select "Add Podcast...". This allows you too categorize your feeds, in sub folders. The new feed will be added to the selected folder.
  • Via DCOP! When amaroK is running, fire the following command:
   dcop amarok playlistbrowser addPodcast feedName

The feed will be added and automatically fetched from the server. Any errors in communicating with the server will cause the item to be marked with a red cross. Once the channel has been successfully fetched, a list of episodes will exist as children of the item. Expand the item (by clicking on the + icon) to view children.

Removing a feed

In case you need to remove a feed:

  • Select the item and press delete
  • Right click on the item and select the delete option!

Please note that removing a podcast channel will remove all of it's episodes and will delete any downloaded media from the disk, if they have been downloaded.

Listening to episodes

There are two ways of listening to episodes. They may be streamed directly from the server, or downloaded to your machine for permanent availability. A downloaded episode may be removed from the disk at will.


  • Right click on an episode and select "Download Media". Once the download has finished, you can play it.


  • Simply drag a podcast episode to the playlist.

Configuring Feeds

Each podcast channel can have a different set of options associated with it.

Global configurations

To change the settings for multiple items, select the parent folder and configure it!

Scan Interval

This determines how often podcast items should be checked for updates. This is applicable only to those items where "Automatically scan for updates" is checked.

Podcast Specific Settings

Save Location

This determines where any downloaded podcasts will be saved to.

Automatically Scan for Updates

Automatically Scan for Updates

Media Download

1.Stream or download on request: Podcast episodes must be explicitly downloaded to be listened to. They may still be streamed at request. 2.Automatically download media: If a new episode has been retrieved, the data will be automatically downloaded to your computer 3.Add to media device transfer queue: When episodes are fetched, they will be queued for automatic transfer to your portable music device when it is next connected.

Limit Number of Episodes

Enable this checkbox to automatically purge old episodes.

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