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Music Sharing



CAUTION: This step-by-step instruction is only for Amarok 1.4.2 or later versions of the 1.4 series. It does not apply to Amarok 2.x

This assumes that you have a DAAP server configured. Note that this feature is not included in Amarok 1.4.1 or earlier.

1. In the menubar menus select "Settings" "Configure Amarok" "Media Devices"

2. Click "Add Device..."

3. In the top drop-down dialog box labelled "Select the plugin to use with this device" select "Music Sharing"

4. Type in the name you want for your device in the data entry box below "Enter a name for this device (Required):" (The "mount point" dialog is greyed out: after all, not having to mount is why we're going through this palaver.)

5. Click the "Okay" button to close the add device dialog

6. Click "Apply" and "Okay" to close out of the configuration menu.

7. Click the "Media Devices" tab at the bottom left of the main Amarok window

8. In the dropdown menu at the top left, select "Shared Music (mounted at (null))" (Unless you have a menu or some other media device attached, this will be your only choice.)

9. Click "Connect"

10. A folder labelled with the name of your DAAP server should appear. (The name you see is the name you configured when you configured it in, e.g., /etc/mt-daap.conf, not the name you selected in step 4.)

11. Click the folder, drag to your playlist as per usual.

12. Rock out with your 'rok out.

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