Create a survey that can better define the demographics of Amarok enthusiasts.

<land0> we could place a link on the front page of the Amarok site to this if anyone is interested.
<land0> this will provide data that we can use to better market Amarok
<sven423> so we set up a  survey page, add a link... but what do we want to ask?
<land0> anything we want
<sven423> age, sex, desktop, linux experience...?!
<land0> sure where do you use amarok
<sven423> country?
<land0> what are your favorite features
<sven423> what are your desired features?
<land0> exaclty
<sven423> would you recommend amarok to a friend?
<land0> do you find your self fantasizing about being a wolf...
<sven423> have you ever been to our irc channels?
<sven423> would you buy a glowing amarok thong? ;)
<land0> would you be willing send your action pics to the developers?
<sven423> ok, that's a good start, let's collectr some more questions on the mailing list or the wiki?
<land0> perfect
<sven423> maybe also something like: rate the stability/performance/usability of amarok from 1 (bad) to 10 (good)

The survey should be there in the main Amarok2.0 application in/besides the help section of the toolbar a top.This will help getting a feedback more easily coz an user seldom visits/never visits(thanks to package mgmt) the main website and may/may not even have the time to give a good feedback coz I guess we should always assume that all users are lazy.The survey should be short and sweet,like a MCQ test or just clicking radiobuttons and/or checkboxes saying yes or no.User:Abhishektux (Not Working)

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