Needed Images (In order of appearance):

  1. ISOLINUX Boot Screen :: 16 color image
  2. Bootsplash :: More info here
  3. KDE Splash :: More info [ here]
  4. Wallpaper :: should be made in 1024x768, 1280x1024 and 1600x1200 More info here
  5. KDE Logout :: file to be replaced is $KDEPREFIX/apps/ksmserver/pics/shutdownkonq.png More info here


  • You should use the Oxygen color palette.
  • For branding issue, every image has to include the Amarok logo (or a good looking variation of it), the Amarok Live logo (or a *good looking variation of it) or the Amarok icon (only official one!).
  • You should also use the Amarok Live Wolf, as it is semi-branding and gives the artwork similar look to 1.3.
  • Our proud music sponsor Magnatune deserves also to have it's logo shown on at least one image.
  • The images have to be free (as in free software) and must not include copyright notices or URL's of any website other than or

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