Set of rules

  • The is to emphasize the features X and Y, while promoting amaroK in general.
  • Video must be based on amaroK 1.4 (which is available at this link to the downloads page, yet to be determined!)
  • If you wish to make a more abstract promotional video for amaroK, length must be no more than 1 minute.
  • The maximal length we accept is approximately 5 minutes.
  • Videos (both audio and images, including screenshots) should be in english. If you wish to submit in another language, you should also provide an english version.
  • You can use music in the background, but:
    • Any music you use MUST be free (as in freedom) or owned by you. We don't have the resources to handle the required licensing for non-free music.
  • A reasonable quality has to be provided

list of features

  • reworked dynamic mode
  • support for generic media devices (via hal)
  • support for iriver players
  • support for wma, aac (mp4) and real media
  • Statistics tool
  • reworked tagging dialog

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