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This is a template, please feel free to personalize any emails you might send.

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I am a user/Supporter of the open source, linux based audio player amaroK. amaroK is, in our opinion, a strong reason that will entice many people to switch from Windows to linux. To increase appeal, we have created a partnership with Magnatune [1], a label that provides artists with an open approach to music. In addition we have created a liveCD, aptly termed "amaroK live" that is designed as a combination between free software and free music in order to showcase the features of amaroK while promoting Magnatune.

It is this creation that I email you about. The liveCD is scheduled to be released within the next few days, and we would like to have it available to as many people as possible. We feel __INSERT SITE HERE__ can further this goal, by possibly selling cds on the website.

If this sounds interesting to you, please contact us. Either by email, or on channel #rokymotion, we would be glad to hear back!

amaroK - "Free software meets free Music"



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