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amaroK 1.3.4

The amaroK team feels proud to announce the release of amaroK 1.3.4.

amaroK 'Airborne' 1.3.4 provides numerous bugfixes and improvements over the last release. We have been working very hard to make this the most stable amaroK release since the last most stable amaroK release.

We would also like to remind you of our currently running fund drive. With the rising popularity of amaroK, we have to cope with some project costs. These costs include server hosting and bandwidth, development hardware and also developer meetings. We have reached about 60% of our aim to collect 5.000$ by 1st November 2005. So if you have not yet contributed and are willing to do so we would be glad if you do that now. And, of course, you can also tell your friends about it. :-)

What can you expect for your support? A free copy of the best music player ever, of course! In the upcoming months many more impressive tasks are to be done: 1.4 development will start soon, and after this version with once again improved usability and again more features we're going to port amaroK to Qt4 and KDE 4, this seem to be the largest one, but there are also many others on our RoadMap.

You can find pre-built packages for various distributions at our download page.

Changes in amaroK 1.3.4:

   * Helix-engine supports ALSA (using RealPlayer 11). (BR 113909)
   * Atom feed compatibility for podcasts.
   * Statusbar messages are logged to a file, statusbar.log. (BR 99899)
   * Podcast configuration now provides the ability to set the values for
     all podcasts. (BR 114371)
   * Downloading multiple podcasts will throw them into a queue, and
     each will be downloaded sequentially. (BR 114370)
   * Playlistbrowser items can be dragged into folders.
   * Categories in the playlist browser are now always in the order of:
     Playlists, Smart Playlists, Dynamic Playlists, Radio Streams, then
     Podcasts, regardless of sorting options. (Items in the categories
     are still sorted normally.)
   * Reworked systray icon handling -- mostly under the hood, but it'll
     now update properly f. ex. when you change the cover. (BR 111014)
   * Tooltip for the queue icon in the statusbar will now show the album
     cover of the upcoming track.
   * Totals in the collection browser will now reflect the visible items
     if you set a filter.
   * Podcast settings "download on request" and "stream on request" have
     been merged.
   * About button in script manager now uses a KAboutDialog and supports
     rich text format in the README file. (BR 110961)
   * After filtering the collection browser, if only a single item is left
     visible, it will automatically be expanded.
   * Added items for the Equalizer, Visualizations, and Queue Manager to
     the context menus of the volume slider, analyzer, and statusbar queue
     icon, respectively.
   * If you queue an album from the context browser and then undo, the
     queue icon in the statusbar is now updated properly (and hence
     doesn't crash if you click on it).
   * helix-engine no longer emits new metaData if only the bitrate of a
     stream changes. (BR 114348)
   * Fix amaroK attempting to destroy your computer, reach through the
     monitor and violently strangle you if you attempt to exit while the
     collection is being scanned. (BR 114597) (BR 114859)
   * Postgresql code cleanup and fixed regression for manual collection
     scanning. Autoscan still does not work. (BR 111209)
   * File browser now sets to home if it was on a remote directory to prevent
     annoying error messages. (BR 114498)
   * Podcast settings would not add a trailing slash to podcast save
     locations. (BR 114712)
   * Workaround for stability issues with HyperThreading on Linux. 
     Added a configure check to deal with buggy GLIBC's. (BR 99199)
   * xine-engine: Equalizer became inactive on trackchange when crossfading
     was enabled. (BR 114492)
   * Pausing a track would abort lyrics and wiki fetch jobs. (BR 114576)
   * Dynamic mode did not respect repeat track mode. (BR 114585)
   * The Script Manager no longer captures the script's stdout.
   * Enqueuing files with amarok -e would not work for relative paths if the
     working directories of the new and the running instance of amarok differ.
   * Visualizations would only work when amarok was run as amarokapp.
     (BR 99627)
   * The number of podcasts items would be limited even when the user didn't
     set it. (BR 114353)
   * Switching system language wouldn't affect the root folder names on
     Playlist Browser.
   * On Context Browser, when showing a cached lyric, "add", "search", and
     "open in external browser" buttons wouldn't work. "Open in External
     Browser" is now disabled for cached lyrics. (BR 110812)
   * Refreshing all podcasts when folder existed caused a crash.
   * Multiple job statusbar widget was broken. (BR 114278)
   * HTML in tags was getting interpreted in the context browser.
   * Changing the podcast purge count could sometimes cause amaroK to hang.
   * NMM-engine: Fixed crash after playing a song to the end, the trackEnd
     signal was not emitted from the GUI thread.
   * With Random Mode enabled and Repeat Playlist disabled, when it got to
     the last track, it would play it a second time and then keep on playing
     other tracks, instead of just stopping.
   * Smart-Playlists were broken with PostgreSQL. Patch by Michael Landin
     Hostbaek <[email protected]>. (BR 114269)
   * Collection scanner ignored files with non-ascii characters. (BR 114195)
   * Don't show "Change Collection Setup"-box for non-local files.
   * Fixed issue with loading playlists containing remote URL's.
   * Dynamic mode history tracks would be forgotten if there was no current
     track on startup. (BR 110160)
   * Fixed problems with "Retrieve Similar Artists" feature in combination
     with SQLite, which could lead to 100% CPU usage. (BR 104447)
   * Tabbing between items and cells in the playlist while editing them now
     works much nicer (goes in order and doesn't tab to invisible columns),
     and you can also now use Alt+Up, Down, Left, Right to navigate between
     cells as well.
   * Podcast settings failed to remember the save location. (BR 114128)
   * Tray icon would stop filling up and showing play/pause icon if show
     player window was toggled. (BR 93711)
   * If player window is toggled during playback, playlist window's caption
     now correctly shows the current track's name.
   * Crossfade length would be enabled in Playback options when "No
     crossfading" was selected.
   * If an engine does not support crossfading, "No crossfading" is now
     selected in Playback options.

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