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amaroK project introduces SVN service

Are you an amaroK script developer or are you developing a KDE application that shouldn't be in KDE's SVN for various reasons?


We've got the solution. The amaroK project is proud to announce the amaroK SVN server, a service for amaroK script developers, launched as a "thank you" gesture to all the supporters who donated to the project during its fundraiser. We hope this will encourage the awesome amaroK community in their script-writing - an extremely valuable contribution to amaroK.

The SVN server is mainly meant for amaroK scripts and extras that for some reason shouldn't be or aren't in the KDE SVN repository. It's totally independent from the KDE SVN server and maintained by developers of the amaroK media player. To use the server, send an e-mail to [email protected] to get yourself an account. You can then access the server at Remember that PWSP can give you free hosting if you are leading a KDE-related project.

While we have the opportunity, we would also like to bring some attention to roKymotion, amaroK's promotion team, which currently is in need of more volunteers (members). roKymotion work isn't hard, and if you feel like you want to help amaroK, but don't know how to write code, this is for you. The promotion team handles many interesting public relations tasks for the amaroK project, like writing magazine articles, building contacts with related projects and organizing events. For example, this article is written by roKymotion (a real team effort!). More information about roKymotion (what we do and how to join) is available here.


  • thanks for donations
  • join rokymotion (it's an order!)
  • well, the community SVN server should be mentioned, it's the topic ;)
  • URL is , and users must send an e-mail to [email protected] to be added to the system)
  • Make remember that people leading a KDE-related project can get free hosting by PWSP.
  • more?

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