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So we can do some financial planning, please fill in as much detail as you can. I have added a bunch of people to the list but please don't be offended if you are not included, just add yourself (in alphabetical order please).

name funding needed funding by e.V. funding by Amarok funding by others advance needed? estimated amount of funding requested status
Dan (leinir) yes (EUR 461.47) yes (80%) the remaining 20% would be good... no no EU92.29 done at Akademy
DanielW yes (EUR 252.50) yes the remaining 20% would be good... no no EU50.50 done - bank transfer
Harald not attending - - - - - -
Ian not attending - - - - - -
Leo yes yes would like Amarok to help w/ Hostel and other 20% maybe, unlikely no flight = $1 524, 20% = 305 + 215 (hostel) + $160 (train) =$680/430 EUR Done - check mailed 7/22/08
Liw- yes yes 80% need advance no yes 200-250 Euro done at Akademy
Lydia yes yes hostel (156 Euro) no yes 156 Euro Done - Paypal transfer
Mark yes ( ca. 220 Euro ) yes the remaining 20% no yes 44 Euro done - bank transfer
Myriam yes ( ca. 220 Euro) pending as much as possible no yes as much as possible, 20% would be 44 Euro, more would be nice as I have no idea if the e.V. will accept my request done - bank transfer
Nikolaj yes no no Magnatune no
Seb AU$535 - 325 Euro yes 20% of flights no no Whatever up to 250eu we can afford Partial payment via Paypal transfer
sven423 yes (111 EUR hostel + est. 110 EUR travel) 80% remaining stuff no no est. 220*0.2 = 44 EUR Done - Paypal transfer
Ramblurr yes yes would be great if amarok could help with funds for the hostel and other 20% no yes From e.V.: $1098 From Amarok: $100-$200 Done - check mailed 7/22/08
Peterzl yes yes the remaining 20% no no 1135*20%(flight)=227 EUR
Teo yes (EUR 298) yes, 80% the remaining 20% would help a lot no would help but I can probably manage without it EU67.25 Done - Paypal transfer
xevix no - - - no - -
TOTAL around 2000 EUR for everyone's max

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