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Akademy/2019/Getting around

To/From the airport

You can get to/from the airport by train or shuttle. Train is slightly faster and slightly more expensive, and both services are very smooth. You can find more info here: https://www.milanomalpensa-airport.com/en/from-to

To get the bus, you can simply get a ticket as soon as you land; to get the train you will find vending machines or touchpoints for your contactless card as soon as you reach the train platform.


Since the 15 July 2019 new prices for public transport are in effect. The short story is that every journey, no matter how many transfers you do, will cost you 2 Euros. You can buy 10-tickets cards (18€) or weekly passes (MON-SUN) (17€) for a discount.

The system is zone-based, all of the conference will happen in the main central zone, which covers all of the city of Milan and neighboring cities. You can read everything about this new system here: https://nuovosistematariffario.atm.it/en/

All metro stations are equipped with contactless readers, just hold your credit card and you will be issued a single-journey regular ticket. Important: Make sure you keep your ticket to get out of the metro station.

Note: ATM is the name of the public transport in Milan. What the rest of the world calls ATM is called "Bancomat" in Milan.


Public transport is much better in Milan than in a typical italian city. On a mobile phone, you could use many application which provide real-time updates. Here are some examples:

  • Maps.ME
  • Citymapper
  • Google Maps
  • Moovit

Car/Scooter/Motorbike/Bike sharing

Milan has plenty of sharing services for using just about any mean of transportation for integrated mobility. In addition to the standard european services, there are:


  • Car2Go
  • DriveNow
  • Enjoy
  • Share'n'Go


  • Cityscoot
  • ZigZag
  • eCooltra


  • None: it's illegal since a few days to drive them around but not all companies are complying yet. If you drive them it will work but you risk fines.

Bike sharing:

  • BikeMi (an old but great service made by the public transport company)
  • Mobike

There's an app called Free2Move which conveniently lists all available services near you. These services are particularly useful for doing the "last mile trip", i.e. from the nearest public transport stop to your final destination.

Transport FAQs

Buying ATM tickets
You can buy ATM tickets at all metro stations, most train stations, and most places which either sell tobacco or newspapers. You cannot buy tickets when boarding a bus, and bus stops typically don't have vending machines.
Milano Porta Garibaldi
There are two things to notice when you pass through this station: the first one is that it can also be called Garibaldi FS, the second is that there are two platforms 1 and 2. Platform "1 sot" is an underground suburban train (called "passante"), platform "1" is a regular train line. The same can be said for platform 2. Always check which one it as some apps (just like some humans) get confused by this nomenclature.

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