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How can I go from Malpensa to Hotel degli Arcimboldi using Train or Bus? How much is it?

TLDR: get to the city center in the way you fancy most, from there get to the M5 (it's very easy no matter where you arrive). Possibly avoid trains to Cadorna (it's a little longer), get the bus or trains to Centrale/Garibaldi.

There are many options to get there. Ideally you reach the city center in any way (train - 14€, you can swipe your contactless; bus - 11€ but longer, especially during rush hours), and it's a few stops away via metro. Ideally you can get there with the M5, which you take directly at Milano Porta Garibaldi (if you arrive there by train) or in Zara (if you arrive to Centrale). The paths are all very similar in terms of time, one can be marginally faster than others but it really depends on the time at which you land in Malpensa. If you want to be as efficient as possible, just look for the path once you land on any mobility app (see the [[Akademy/2019/Getting around] page for more details).

Where I can buy a good sim card with only data?

There are many stores in the airport and in town, all of them sell sim cards. The main mobile operators are:

  • TIM
  • Vodafone Italia
  • Wind
  • Tre / Wind

plus a number of other virtual operators

Vodafone will give you the best quality, Tre is probably going to be the cheapest. Milan is in general a place with very high bandwith and very low cost of mobile data, when compared to other European town. A few operators already offer 5G-enabled SIM cards, if you wanted to try this new technology.

What types of power sockets are in use in Italy and what plugs are compatible with them?

Europlug: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Europlug Shucko (typical plug used in France, Germany, ...) will not fit the standard Europlug power sockets, however many hotels, houses, and definitely the University, will have plugs to accomodate both Europlug and Schucko.

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