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For Akademy 2018 we will have 2 different Hacking rooms, for different needs, please check the description below.

Both of them are on the 3rd floor of Neues EI, as most BoF rooms are.

Floor plan:

Silent hacking room - Room 121 (2nd half)

The Silent hacking room is the second half (on the plan: the right half) of Room 121. There are BoFs in the other half and the two parts of the room are only seperated by a foldable wall, so use this room for quiet hacking :)

Group hacking room - Room 124

This room has a whiteboard and is just around the corner of the Silent hacking room. Use this if you want to work on projects in a small group or you want to make a small impromptu meeting and all other BoF rooms are occupied.

Other places to work

If the weather is nice and you want to get some fresh air, you can also use the courtyard on the ground floor (next to EI8, where talks are on the weekend). While we can't guarantee WiFi reception there, it should work and you can work on your project and enjoy sun & fresh air.

Plan of the ground floor (courtyard "Hof 1"): Ground floor

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