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KDE has very complex configuration settings. Many of these are not visible within GUIs. Users can make their desktop dysfunctional by simple edits of configuration files. It is not easily possible to share configuration settings between desktops etc.


  • Markus Raab <markus.raab@tuwien.ac.at> is only KDE user but a researcher about configuration settings and maintainer of the Elektra Initiative https://www.libelektra.org (see also https://fosdem.org/2018/schedule/speaker/markus_raab)
  • Aleix Pol <aleixpol@kde.org>
  • David Faure <faure@kde.org>
  • Elvis Angelaccio <elvis.angelaccio@kde.org>
  • Sandro Knauß <sknauss@kde.org> (will go to KDE PIM BOF starting at 14 o'clock - get input for config situation in KDEPIM).
  • Tobias Fischbach <fit@mailbox.org>
  • David Edmundson
  • You? (Please enter yourself here if you want to participate. If you want to also have talk slots, please say about which topics you want to talk.)


Tuesday, Room 125, two sessions from 10:30-12:30, then lunch together (participants are invited), last session 14:00-15:00.


I think we will have more than enough to share (experience with config lib dev, code gen, config updates, ...) and I would be also interested in future cooperation. I am interested in:

  • kconf_update
  • KConfig XT (code generation)
  • reduce complexity of configuration (auto detection, ...)
  • what happened with the caching of configuration files (iirc it was available somehwere in KDE3)
  • make configuration safer&configuration specifications in general
  • kiosk mode (who used it and how), ...

We might shuffle around the topics depending on who has time at which slot.


The workshop will be highly interactive. We will have 5-10 minutes talks (by different persons), then 10 minutes discussions and also brain storming sessions and similar. For socializing we will have lunch together.

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