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How to get WiFi access in Akademy 2017

WiFi access in University

There is a campus wide WiFi network. Network access is compatible with the Eduroam accounts.

We have configured our own VLAN for the conference:

  ESSID: Akademy
  pw: Akademy-2017

The VLAN will be available in the buildings reserved for the conference.

The WiFi VLAN configuration is the same for the Civitas residence WiFi network, as you can see below.

Also, the city and the campus have 3G/4G coverage from the main Spanish carriers.

WiFi access in Civitas dormitory

In Civitas dormitory we have fitted to our own VLAN too:

   ESSID: Akademy
   pw: Akademy-2017

Technical people support says than ESSID is hidden, so you need to setup by hand.

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