Akademy/2015/Wednesday/Phabricator BoF

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We started experimenting with technologies like Jenkins and Phabricator. Jenkins has a dedicated talk, let's try to summarize the status of the experimentation on Phabricator in a more effective way than the sparse ping-pong of emails.


  • Feedback on what has worked well and what hasn't with Phabricator so far from those working with it
  • Introduction to Phabricator functionality: Differential, Diffusion, Maniphest, Herald, Arcanist.
  • Overview of the future direction of Phabricator and how that will benefit us
  • How do we want to use Projects?
  • Do we want to adopt Maniphest, and to what extent?
  • What workflows can we support simultaneously to maximise the benefit to all projects? (discussion of Arcanist capabilities also)

Upstream tasks attendees may find of interest: