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To sign up as a volunteer, head down to #Sign up to Volunteer!

Handy information for volunteers

Please consider the Telegram group a high-priority channel and avoid using it for non prioritaire work. There are other channels (IRC, email, wiki) for those. In spirit of that priority, we encourage our volunteers to keep that group with sound/vibration on, so that hi-prio things get priority ;)

Sign up to Volunteer!

To sign up, please follow these steps:

  • Before filling your name in, please read the Call for Volunteers.
  • Check out the tasks below to see what interests you.
  • Edit the table below and fill in your name and data. Please provide your name, the languages you speak, whether you are a local and/or know Coruña, and when you are available.
  • Add your local mobile telephone number to your Akademy user profile.
  • Join the IRC channel #akademy on freenode
  • Join the https://telegram.me/joinchat/00098b7d017a08fba71e9f02e4925c3b
  • Check the /Timetable, and put your name on the slots you would like to help

Available tasks

Before the event

  • print and place signs on the walls
    • directions to rooms
    • directions to food, coffee, team room, etc.
    • name of the BOF rooms
    • how to reach party venue
  • print and fold name badges and put them into pouches
  • print any other documents that might be necessary (bus schedules, etc.)
  • check the merchandise available for sale
  • test the network
  • set up the venue:
    • prepare the team room
    • hang banners, posters, and signage
    • distribute cables in rooms

During the event

  • Pre-registration (Friday afternoon/early evening)
    • check in attendees and hand out badges
    • print out new badges if necessary
  • Registration/Info desk (Saturday to Thursday)
    • check in attendees and hand out badges
    • print new badges if necessary
    • sell KDE merchandise
    • provide general information
  • Session chairs
    • check that the speaker has water
    • introduce the speaker
    • make sure that the talk starts and ends on time
    • moderate questions
  • Runner (local volunteers)
    • able to drive a car
    • run errands
    • find people when needed
  • Video operator
    • help record the talks
  • Group photo
    • assemble group
    • take picture of all attendees

After the event (Friday afternoon)

  • help clean the venue
  • return sponsor materials
  • return other materials as necessary

Sign up to volunteer

(Please add your name and information)

Name/IRC nick/email Languages local knowledge (y/n)? days/times available comments t-shirt size/style
José Millán Soto, fid_jose, jmillan (at) kde-espana.org and fid (at) gpul.org English, Galician, Spanish and a few French y 21 - 31 July whatever is needed M/L
Santiago Saavedra, ssaavedra/ssice, ssaavedra (at) gpul.org English, Galician, Spanish and a Portuguese y 21 - 31 July Coordination plus whatever else is needed M/L
Peter Bouda, pbouda, pbouda (at) cidles.eu English, German, and some Portuguese n 25 - 31 July whatever is needed L
Pablo Castro, castrinho8, pcastro (at) gpul.org English, Galician and Spanish y 21 - 31 July whatever is needed XL
Adrião Morão, morois, morois (at) openmailbox.org English, Portuguese and Spanish y 22 July, 26 - 30 July [afternoons] whatever is needed L
Pablo Belay, pbelay(at) gmail.com Galician and Spanish y 27 - 28 July whatever is needed XXL
Ingo Klöcker, mahoutsukai, kloecker (at) kde.org German, English, some Spanish, some French n 23 - 31 July whatever is needed S
Marcos López, feirlane, feirlane (at) gmail.com Galician, Spanish, English y 21 - 31 July whatever is needed, weekdays only available on afternoons L
Timothée Giet, Animtim, animtim (at) gmail.com French, English, some Spanish n 24 - 30 July Registration/Info desk, XL
Frederik Gladhorn, fregl, [email protected] German, English, Norwegian, some Spanish n 25 - 26 July Session chair S
Daniel Vrátil, dvratil, [email protected] English, Czech n 23 - 30 July whatever is needed L
Sébastien Renard, renard (at) kde (dot) org French, English, very basic Spanish n 24 - 28 July Registration/Info desk, Pre-registration M/L
Emilio J. Padrón González, emilioj, emilioj (at) gpul.org Galician, Spanish and English y 21 - 31 July (probably not available on Saturday 25th for family matters) Whatever is needed M/L
Pedro Costal Millán, pedrety998 (at) gmail.com Galician, Spanish and English y 21 - 31 July Whatever is needed M/L
Ali Moreira Afonso, alimafon (at) gmail.com Galician, Spanish and English y 21 - 31 July Whatever is needed XL
Brais Arias Rio, braisarias (at) gmail.com Galician, Portuguese, Spanish, English and little bit German y 22 - 31 July unless 24 afternoon to 26 Whatever is needed M
Marcos Chavarría Teijeiro, chavarria1991 (at) gmail.com Galician, Portuguese, Spanish and English y 21 - 31 July unless 24 afternoon Whatever is needed M
Luigi Toscano, tosky, luigi.toscano (at) tiscali.it Italian and English n 24 - 30 July Session chair, video operator M
Stefan Derkits, HorusHorrendus, stefan (at) derkits.at English, German n 24 - 31 July PreRegistration, Registration/InfoDesk XXL
Yash Shah, yash (at) kde.org English n 24 - 29 July Session Chair, Registration/InfoDesk S
Alex Merry, alex.merry (at) kde.org English n 24 - 29 July (I arrive 23rd, leave 30th); won't be available during the e.V. AGM manning desks, session chair, photography M
Vishesh Handa, [email protected] English, Spanish (not bad, but not great) n 23 - 27 Session Chair S
Scarlett Clark, sgclark (at) kde.org English n 24 - 29 July Whatever is needed ( I do have BoFs and meetings, please coordinate) L
Raoul Bogdan / pablomangustin / bogdan.raoul (at) gmail.com English, Romanian n 24 - 31 July Whatever is needed L
Ignacio Serantes / iserantes / iserantes (at) kde-espana.org English, Spanish, Galician y 23 & 24: Afternoon only, 25&26: All day Whatever is needed XL
Adrián Pereira / adPeGu / adries.91 (at) gmail.com English, Spanish, Galician y 25 - 31 July Whatever is needed L
Jonathan Riddell jr @jriddell.org English, Spanish, Catalan, Scots y 25 - 31 July Press L
Nim Kibbler English, Spanish, Catalan, Yorkshire y 25 - 31 July Photos Ladies L
Jigar Raisinghani / jigarraisinghani (at) gmail.com English n 25 - 30 July Whatever is needed ( except Session Chair as its my 1st time Akademy ) L
Valorie Zimmerman / [email protected] English n 21 - 31 July Whatever outside Kubuntu Day and Book/Doc bofs XL
Monica Perez Sueiro / [email protected] Galician, Spanish, English y 29 July I don't know if any other Whatever M
Sergio Vazquez Pardo / [email protected] Galician, Spanish, Very basic English y I don't know exactly when Whatever
Sofia Prosper Diaz-Mor / [email protected] Galician, Spanish, English, basic French y 24-28 July Whatever is needed XL
Emile de Weerd / mederel / [email protected] French, English, German, Dutch n 23 July-1 Aug Newcomer to Akademy so basic tasks only (carry things around, cleaning up, things like that) M

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