Akademy/2015/Monday/KDE l10n and i18n

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  • Current Process and possibility of translating using a web application (e.g. Pootle)

Ovidiu gives presentation, attach here :D

Franklin talks about how adopting a web interface didn't really give them much more translators.

Open questions:

  • Does it handle file moves/renames and does it remember suggestions to it?
  • What Burkhard sent to the mailing list
  • How does it handle the different branches: both l10n-kde4+l10n-kf5, and how/if it works with Summit branch.


  • Ovidiu will do some testing to see if pootle or any other web based system can satisfy all the requirements we have.

Note from Luigi:

  • the other web tool I mentioned (which I didn't use, so no endorsing, just stating it exists) is Zanata.