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Akademy info in social media and on blogs


You can follow the @Akademy account on Twitter for program updates and other news about the conference.

The hashtag for the conference is #Akademy.

For more news from the KDE community, you can also follow @kdecommunity.

The Dot

The Dot, the official news channel of the KDE community, will have lots of Akademy-related articles before and during the conference. You can subscribe to the RSS feed.

Help contribute to Dot articles about Akademy 2014 by sharing your experiences on notepads set up for each day of the conference:

Access requires your KDE Identity, the same login you used to register for Akademy.

For each day, please post things that might benefit people who are interested in KDE and Akademy but who are unable to attend: - your impressions of the day, - quotes that could be used in the stories, - things you learned

If you are speaking, conducting a workshop or hosting a BoF, please add anything beyond the talk or BoF description that would benefit people who weren't there.

Please bold anything that you think is particularly important.

Please check in on the Dot stories occasionally to see if there are comments or questions you can address. Also...comment on the stories if you think something is missing. This is particularly important for speakers...there's no other easy way for non-attendees to get in on the action in near-RealTime.

Planet KDE

The aggregated blog of KDE contributors from all over the world can be found on Planet KDE. You can also subscribe to the Planet's RSS feed.

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