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Tallinn has a lot to offer: the historic, medieval Old Town, over twenty museums, a zoo and lots more. For more information on attractions and sights, please check the official Tallinn tourism website.

The recently renovated Tallinn TV Tower (great view!) and Seaplane Harbour with great attractions with real ships, Pirita Nunnery Ruins that have cult status in Estonian culture (Viimne reliikvia), and Tallinn Botanical Gardens are especially nice during the current season, and they are all located within a short distance from eachother. Thus, people who enjoy a calmer city borough are strongly advised to find a day to visit them all.

There won't be any scheduled and sponsored day trip this year, but there are several different tours and trips offered by local companies. Check out this site or this one for more information.

Estonian Open Air Museum The Estonian Open Air Museum is akin to a village, with 12 farms, as well as its own church, tavern and schoolhouse. There are a number of mills, a fire station, fishing net sheds as well as a dancing area and a village swing. The museum is located in a lovely, well-maintained forest park on a high sandstone bank on Kopli Bay, just 15 minutes drive from the center of Tallinn. Way to get there by bus from venue Just in case when you open the link you might want to edit the time given because it might be wrong about an hour and then just click search again. There is going to be a group trip to the museum on thursday leaving the front of the building at 1600

Tallinn Observatory is a small observatory in pine forest near Akademy venue (1-1,5 km from The Estonian Information technology College). While it does not have the greatest equipment (telescope is from soviet era) it is an interesting place to visit. It was built over an 100 years ago and is in a very beautiful location. If you want to go meet up the front door of The Estonian Information College on Tuesday at 22:30 and sign up here.

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