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The goal of this BoF is to set up an initiative to help KDE applications and workspaces "walk the extra mile": fixing small bugs and UI issues which gets in the way of the user.

KDE products are awesome, but could often be made much more pleasant to use by just ironing out a few quirks here and there.

Similar initiatives have already been run by other Free Software projects:

As far as I know, nothing like this have been done for KDE.

The goal of this BoF is not to start polishing applications right away, but to define the best way to get ourselves organized.

Collecting extramiles

  • Track them in Bugzilla (either a tag or a tracker bug)
  • Create an email alias for people who do not want to use bugzilla. Goal is to file bugs for them, not discuss on the alias if it is valid or not.
    • David Jarvie
    • David Edmundson
    • Aurélien Gâteau
    • Clemens Toennies
    • Thomas Pfeiffer
    • Martin Klapetek
    • Lasse Liehu
    • Kare Sars
    • Myriam Schweingruber
  • Notify the forum admins about it

Criterias to qualify as an "Extra Mile Bug" (EMB)

  • Is a bug or an enhancement, not a feature request
  • Affects many users
  • Makes using the application harder or less pleasant
  • Easy to fix

How to determine a bug is easy to fix

A bug is easy to fix if it can be fixed in one day by one person.

Maintainer should be able to help deciding if it can be fixed this way. If it cannot the bug can stay but it should not be marked as extramile anymore.


  • Use the mailing list of the KDE Quality team (kde-testing@) to discuss extra miles.
  • IRC channel: #kde-quality
  • Mail on kde-devel, kde-testing and blog every two weeks
  • Testdays: to be decided later, if we feel there is a need for them
  • Quantitative goals: not for now, we will see later


  • [Jeroen van Meeuwen] Setup the bugzilla mediawiki extension
  • [Aurélien Gâteau] Mail the bugsquad ML to announce the extramile initiative
  • [Aurélien Gâteau] Create an alias email [email protected]