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This page contains the checklist of items that we will use to determine with Plasma Workspaces 2 can be called "done".


  • Launch application
  • Icons on desktop
  • Multiple panels
  • Autohide panels
  • Window switching
  • Switch desktop
  • Create and remove desktop
  • Create and delete activity
  • Rename activity
  • Switch activity
  • Command runner
  • Set wallpaper
  • Switch from any workspace form to any other workspace form


The visual elements from logging to logging out ...

Element Accent Process
Log in Session lifespan DM
Add widgets Select from group Shell
Dashboard Overlay Shell
Switch user Select from list Session manager
Logout Select from list Session manager
Lock Overlay Session manager
Activity manager Select from group Shell
Window/desktop switcher Select from group Window manager
Logout progress Session lifespan Window manager
Run window Select from group KRunner

Visual Language

  • Overlay
  • Select from list
  • Select from group
  • Session lifespan

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