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See also: Release Plan, Quality Control

Status: released

This is a list of planned features for KOffice 2.3.


  • todo => not started yet
  • in-progress => started, but not completed yet
  • done => completed



Status Description Contact
TODO New file format filter API Cyrille Berger


Status Description Contact
TODO description contact


Status Description Contact
TODO description contact


Status Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Animations Thorsten and benjamint
IN PROGRESS Slides sorter Jean-Nicolas (morice-net)


See also long-term Kexi plans and the changelog. This release is somewhat compatible with the Worse is Better idea.

Status Description Contact
DONE Fix "Export to CSV" dialog piggz, jstaniek
DONE Export to KWord (OpenDocument Text Format, ODT) piggz
DONE Make report entities (label/field etc) plugins, so its easier to add new ones piggz
DONE Port Widgets Tree tab (in 2.2 it was hidden) jstaniek


Status Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Stencil Shape support(Will be delayed to koffice 2.4) Yue Liu


Status Description Contact
TODO description contact


Status Description Contact
DONE Canvas rotation Dmitry
DONE Add a constant scaling option to the selection of predefined brush (maybe rotation too) Cyrille Berger
DONE Create new brushes from selection Lukas Tvrdy
DONE HSV Adjustment for brushes Cyrille Berger
TODO Implement flow (222361) Boudewijn Rempt
TODO High-channel depth bitmap brush resources Boudewijn Rempt
DONE Advanced colour selectors with colour spaces support (GSoC Project) Adam Celarek
DONE Dynamic brush outline Lukas Tvrdy
DONE Merge softbrush,chalk and pixel pencil in Pixel Brush Lukas Tvrdy
DONE New Fade sensor Lukas Tvrdy
DONE New sketch paintop that mimics Harmony project Lukas Tvrdy
DONE Improved colorpicking for freehand and color picker tool Lukas Tvrdy
DONE Global curve for pressure mapping Lukas Tvrdy
DONE Mirror sensor in Pixel Brush Lukas Tvrdy
DONE Add Airbrushing dialog which replace Rate from the Tool options Lukas Tvrdy
DONE Dynamic softness for Pixel Brush and softbrush masks Lukas Tvrdy
DONE Improved Hairy brush with sensors, anti-aliasing, connected path of bristle Lukas Tvrdy
DONE Default button for brush engines Lukas Tvrdy
DONE Improve rotation of particles in spray brush Lukas Tvrdy


Status Description Contact
TODO description contact


Status Description Contact
DONE Make scheduling non-blocking Dag Andersen
DONE Add resource teams Dag Andersen
TODO Generic resource handling Dag Andersen
DONE Use kchart for charts (instead of KPlotWidget) Dag Andersen


Status Description Contact


Status Description Contact
TODO description contact


Status Description Contact
TODO description Contact

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