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The KDE Windows community will meet in Osnabrück on the weekend of 3.- 5. August
Please see [http://community.kde.org/KDE_Windows/Meetings/Osnabr%C3%BCck_Meeting_Summer_2012 the community wiki entry]
The meeting will take place at the [http://www.intevation.de/ Intevation] offices in Osnabrück.
To participate please check the [https://sprints.kde.org/sprint/104 Sprint Page]
The meeting will be organized by [mailto://[email protected] Andre Heinecke] Sponsorship / Accommodation etc. will be organized once the sprints page is set up.
Everyone is free to join who is somehow interested in KDE Windows!
== Proposed Topics ==
* Qt5 --> Andy?
* KDE frameworks --> Patrick?
* Packaging / NSIS / MSI how to integrate in emerge even better.
* "Autoupdates" for Standalone software like Kontact / Amarok / Calligra
* Sandboxing
* Oxygen or a more Native look as the default?
* Tests / Unittests (Maybe more of a "to hack" on topic, but It would be cool if we could make better use of them)
=== Things to hack on ===
* Update mingw-w64 to gcc 4.7 as 4.6 is neded by Qt 5
* Patch Mysql to build with mingw
* Removing Version numbers from filenames in emerge
* Let's build the frameworks?
* Website

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