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Issues that should be considered for the KDEWin-Installer:

  • currently no issues known


  • Add a search bar for the packages
  • Select All Packages button or Right Click Entry

Long time goals

  • Give more meaningful installation progress: show the whole data size to be downloaded, show download speed calculated over the whole duration, estimate time needed for the whole installation to complete
  • Centralize redistributable Qt and KDE files around the KDEWin-Installer (putting location in PATH?)
  • Allow third party KDE/Qt app to reuse the installer to check if all their dependencies are already installed, and download where necessary
  • Polish the installer to look and behave like other installers on Windows, including customizable app specific branding with all packages and dependency resolution hidden from the user
  • Specify human readable installation configuration file containing all the customizing options for third party app developers, allowing running KDEWin-Installer from this file locally or from the net as 1-click-install solution
  • Aggressively promote KDEWin-Installer as *the* one stop KDE/Qt software distribution solution on Windows systems

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