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- <strike>konsole plugin for kate prepends / when changing directories</strike>
- <strike>systemsettings has no application icon and crashes on mingw sometimes</strike>
- <strike>kate openHeader plugin opens files twice: once as .h and once as .H</strike>
- <strike>the platform kcm uses an emoticon as icon, we should use the kde-windows icon made by mofux</strike>
- <strike>no icon for yakuake</strike>
- missing app icons: <strike>shisen-sho</strike>, ksirk skin editor, kthesaurus
- <strike>some applications like kword and kdevelop crash at application start due to problems in solid on msvc.</strike>
- <strike>the kfile widget in kate doesn't show the 'up' button properly</strike>
- the thumbnailing kioslave crashes
- fix libkworkspace
- <strike>the kdenetwork package is missing</strike>

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