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=== Other resources ===
=== Other resources ===
Userbase wiki
* Userbase wiki
Application handbook
* Application handbook
== Comparison ==  
== Comparison ==  

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User Support

Current means to get user support

  • IRC (witch Matrix and Telegram bridges)
  • Mailing lists
  • Forum

Other resources

  • Userbase wiki
  • Application handbook


Media Infrastructure Pros Cons
Mailing lists ours (external archives) Reliable, searchable, time zone independent external archives, GDPR issues, mail volume for devs
IRC Freenode real time, fast, no public archives (privacy) limited media posting, archiving in private logs only, time zone dependent
forum ours fast, searchable, categorized, time zone independent mail alerts limited, RSS not always working
Example Example Example Example
Example Example Example Example

Future solutions

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