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About me

My full name is José Manuel Santamaría Lema, I'm a KDE Developer and I worked for various GNU/Linux distributions in the latest few years. So far I have been working as a volunteer.

Work in distributions

  • Debian: September 2008 - March 2013 (not a good place to work and not planning back)
  • siduction: since March 2013
  • SolydK: July 2013 - May 2014 (not a good place to work and not planning to go back)
  • Kubuntu: since May 2014

Contributions in KDE

  • Maintaining krecipes since 2008, statistics:
  • knights
  • debconf-kde
  • Helped a bit with the git migration
  • I made some patches in krazy
  • I made various patches to other random software
  • I helped with the organization of a kdeedu sprint in my city, also fixed some crashes on the kde edu software during the sprint.
  • I am a member of KDE España, although I'm less active there than what I would like


I'm also a member of GPUL, the LUG which organized the latest Akademy.

This LUG also allowed me to place a computer in its office where I usually do my packaging tasks, so I can get a higher upload bandwidth compared with my home internet connection. This way it is and has been very helpful to various distributions (right now Kubuntu and siduction).

I have been a member of the board of this LUG in the past and made some work to improve this LUG, such as collaborating in the set up of the mailing lists still used today to organize events.

I also worked on the organization of various events under the umbrella of GPUL, among others I made a KDE/Qt hacklab with my good friend and KDE developer José Millán.

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