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 Sites that need to be edited for the release of the new KDE main site

Site Info Status
Community What is the community, how can it be descrbed + link to gettinginvolved missing
Events needs porting
Talks list of talks with links to material (slides etc) missing
Get Involved Original: done, needs review
Donation missing
Mailinglist Original: done, needs review


(is it really necessary to have all those dev related items there or would it be better to put them onto techbase?)

needs rewrite
Press Releases Original: done, needs review
Workspaces done, needs review
Plasma Desktop missing
Plasma Netbook missing
Plasma Mobile (??) missing
Applications automatically (?)
Developer Platform in progress: dhillonv10
Howtos xbase links
IDE in progress: dhillonv10
SDK in progress: dhillonv10
Case Studies missing
Support Original: done, needs review

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