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<languages />  Sites that need to be edited for the release of the new KDE main site

Site Info Status
Community What is the community, how can it be descrbed + link to gettinginvolved missing
Events needs porting
Talks list of talks with links to material (slides etc) missing
Get Involved Original: http://www.kde.org/getinvolved/ done, needs review
Donation missing
Mailinglist Original: http://www.kde.org/mailinglists/ done, needs review

Original: http://www.kde.org/history/

(is it really necessary to have all those dev related items there or would it be better to put them onto techbase?) and shouldn't GCDS be listed along with Akademy meets?

needs rewrite
Press Releases Original: http://www.kde.org/presspage/ done, needs review
Workspaces http://www-devel.kde.org/workspaces/ done, needs review
Plasma Desktop missing
Plasma Netbook missing
Plasma Mobile (??) missing
Applications automatically (?)
Developer Platform in progress: dhillonv10
Howtos xbase links
IDE in progress: dhillonv10
SDK in progress: dhillonv10
Case Studies missing
Support Original: http://www.kde.org/support/ done, needs review

Most pages can be ported from the old site as-is and are marked with "done, needs review". Links are noted.

Some are already included in the testing area, which can be found on http://www-devel.kde.org/community/ (starting at a subdir as the main page is a different matter).

To make it easy all i would need is a plain txt file, html tags can be applied afterwards.

  • One
  • Two
    • Two point one
  • Three

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