Plasma 4 to 5 transition


Things I noticed from a user's perspective when updating from Plasma 4 to 5 using openSUSE 13.2 packages.

  • A fresher look (font, spacing, colors, icon themes), great work!
    • NOTE: When switching back to Plasma 4, the new icon theme was kept
    • BUG: Some icons I used for custom scripts are not working, e.g.: image-zoom-in, image-zoom-out


  • A "Script File" item configured in Autostarts KCM was not migrated.
  • Show Desktop plasmoid is missing.
  • Thunderbird tray icon does not work.


  • New icon of the Trash plasmoid looks strange (can be confused with former root folder icon, trash symbol hard to recognize)
  • New startmenu: Homerun kicker: Favourites have icons only and no text
  • Device Notifier: green check mark icon on the right side looks like "ready to use" and not "ready to plug out". Maybe there could be some explaining text except for in the tooltips. Plus: there are icons and tooltips on the left and on the right of a device item (todo: screenshot)

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