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  • A list of things of what is going on
    • Conferences, who is going to what, whats in the area
  • We're somehow not reaching other people
    • Only four developers came to Akademy 2012.
    • There are more, but we can't find them.
    • Two Akronites came to the 4.5 release party, not counting tdfischer
  • Why is it popular in europe?
    • Parties in bars? Probably not. We should have 100 by now.
  • At Linux Fests, people talk about Linux. We should be a grassroots movement by going to all the fests (all of them) and finding people.
  • Fests/Conventions
    • LinuxCon - We have a booth every year!
    • Oscon - Maybe have a BoF?

What are we trying to do?

Grow KDE in the USA

  • Impossible!?
  • Outreach, yes. Talking to people, yes.
    • Linux Action Show
  • No way to gauge involvement success
  • "If you want to do amazing stuff with this amazing organization, KDE is the place for you."
  • Somehow encourage people to get involved after we meet them at the conventions.
  • Come to our parties. Srsly.
  • Have a sign up. Do you use KDE? Do you know C++? "What better place could you volunteer than KDE?!"
  • LUGS??? (answer: yes.)
  • "Its not a puzzle what we're trying to do. We want users, developers, and companies who are using KDE and are open to something about it."
    • We need goals for this ^
    • Developers: Want to make a difference in your life? Know about bugfixes or C++? DO YOU LIKE TO PARTY AND/OR ROCK? Contribute to KDE.
    • Are you sick of the tea party? Join KDE!
  • The KDE tracks are usually full at conventions.
    • Who goes to them?!
  • Until we figure this out, making a non-profit organization is a waste of time.
    • We need an elevator pitch. See Multimedia/PR Notes for notes from the Akademy/2012/PRWorkshop
    • Some would give us money if we were a non-profit.
    • Advertising expenses are something sorta tax deductable
    • Maybe talk to Thiago about funding KDE-USA
    • It would be awesome to the KDE e.V. if KDE-USA paid for USA trips


  • Elevator pitch
    • Our strong points:
      • There's a real face behind the software
      • Strong, tight-knit community
      • High quality, made in the open
      • Free as in beer and freedom
    • "<ABC> is the <special or best> <thing> for <certain kinds of people> who want <something awesome>, <in the way they want to do it>."
    • "KDE is the amazing community for people who want powerful software, made by real human beings."
  • Banner design
  • Next convention: OSCON July 16-20th
  • Promo people: get business cards
  • Check whats left in the booth box
    • Get some kubuntu/fedora/suse/mint/chakra cds
  • Put together some words, Carl can wordsmith.
  • Secret cabal of poster designers. WHO ARE THEY HOW DO WE FIND THEM?
  • Soandso and Soandso have $500 of KDE USA cashmonies floating around. Its in a fire safe somewhere maybe hopefully. Ask Blauzahl.

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