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This page is for collecting ideas for UCOSP 2010 students. More information at http://ucosp.ca/about


possible mentor: Boud


possible mentor: Martin (not sure he can go to Toronto yet)

Mobile port to OpenGL ES

KDE's window and compositing manger KWin currently uses OpenGL 1.x for compositing effects. In order to get KWin to mobile devices the rendering has to be ported to OpenGL ES 1.1 and/or ES 2.0. OpenGL ES is a subset of OpenGL, so the code has to be streamlined to use a set of method calls which are both supported on regular hardware as well as on embedded devices. Furthermore the window compositing needs to be reimplemented using EGL instead of GLX. In a second step some of the effects need to be ported to ES. Most of the effects like for example Present Windows will work out of the box, if the rendering system is ported.

This is a very intersting project as it requires to interact with low level painting on both the desktop and mobile system. While in general it is possible to work with emulators, it might be useful to have access to mobile hardware capable of running KDE software.

new effects

Nuno had some ideas to create a complet set of new effects which share a common look&feel for close/open/minimize/maximize etc to become the default set of effects for such actions. This would require close cooperation with the design team and requires knowledge in OpenGL Shading language (a very easy to learn language). If this is appropriate for a semester, depends on the length of the semester but in general we can just add/remove effects ;-)


possible mentors: George and Leinir


together with Novell/openSuse possible mentors: Will and Jeremy

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