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{| class="wikitable" border="1"
{| class="wikitable" border="1"
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| FOSS server
| FOSS server
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| Self-hosted
| Can self-host

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Requirement Konversation Matrix
FOSS server Yep
Can self-host
FOSS Clients
Open API
Open Governance
No monetary cost
Defined protocol
Low bandwidth
Widely legal
Channel list with search
IRC Bridge
File Sharing
Private channels
Access control
Channel topics
Permanent channels
Encrypted communication
Plasma Integration
Client accessibility
High volume performance
High channel count performance
Low client overhead
Persistant public logging
Firewall friendly
IRC-like GUI
Multiple accounts per app instance
No sign-up
Migration Path
Tor support
Dev system messages
Web client
Message quoting
Text mode client
Low sysadmin requirements
Remembers last-read position
Popular bridges
User search
File share search
Mass messaging
Dev service bots
Spacious, low contrast flat ui
Unicode character picker
Broadcast messages
Sharable content markup

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