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I've recently started using KDEconnect... My only issue is that the clipboard sharing and URL sending present a possible security risk.

While the idea is sound that I can share my clipboard with my phone, there is no influencing what is shared. I could copy a huge swath of text or other sensitive information, and end up with that on my phone without knowing, and then accidentally paste.

Similarly, the URL sharing automatically opens the URL on my desktop or my phone, which could create a pathway for malware infecting my phone to cause my computer to open a dangerous website.

Would the sane behaviour not be to specifically open a url from the KDE connect notification or under the connect taskbar widget? Should there not be some settings or at least a way of modifying the clipboard sharing... say a KDE connect manual send?

    • I'm still getting into QT coding and hope to add patches, but at the moment this is outside of my abilities.

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