I'm so sorry, I just saw this message today! Feel free to add any information that people should be aware of before starting like folder size, CPU specs and stuff like that. Installation in C:\ is recommended because most of the illustrations later on are done with the C:\ address, and we want maximum users to experience a lesser complexity when they follow the already quite-involved build guide. You may still install it anywhere you like, but be sure to connect the dots when referring illustrations in the guide. We have been noticing weird bugs as we built using MSVC 2019, and have been patching those along the way, so you might not notice any bug right away. As such, we stated it as experimental. My system (as stated in the guide) is Core i5-6200U. It took about 20 minutes to setup CraftRoot with a good enough internet speed. yes. The folder size and build size is correct. Craft pulls a lot of code and packages. You can use `craft --clean-unused` to shed some weight.

23:00, 8 November 2019