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00:14, 6 February 2014 Dfaure (talk | contribs)

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(Reply to unable to finish Qt 5.2 compilation unless it is done in a different directory)
12:31, 15 December 2013 Jtamate (talk | contribs)

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I've been unable to compile Qt5 for a long time, until today that I've tried to build it from another directory, not from the git clone directory.

Instead of

$ git clone git:// --branch stable
$ cd qt5
$ ./init-repository
$ ./configure -prefix $PWD/qtbase -opensource -confirm-license -developer-build -nomake tests -nomake examples -dbus -no-separate-debug-info -xcb -qpa xcb -no-gtkstyle
$ make

I had to use:

$ git clone git:// --branch stable
$ cd qt5
$ ./init-repository
$ mkdir build
$ ../configure -prefix $PWD/qtbase -opensource -confirm-license -developer-build -nomake tests -nomake examples -dbus -no-separate-debug-info -xcb -qpa xcb -no-gtkstyle -no-warnings-are-errors
$ make
12:31, 15 December 2013

Works for me whenever I try it, but anyway this is a question for the Qt guys (e.g. #qt-labs on irc). You need to specify the error message in any case, otherwise one can only guess (or can't, actually).

00:14, 6 February 2014